Ronnie Dunn reflects on President-Elect Donald Trump


 “We may end up thinking he’s one of the better presidents to ever happen, you never know”

Today (Nov. 10) Ronnie Dunn stopped by the NCD office to talk about his new album, Tattooed Heart, which drops on Friday, Nov. 11 (more on that tomorrow). But with the U.S. presidential election only two days behind us, Ronnie shared some of his thoughts about the topic that has polarized our nation this week. Ronnie, who has been outspoken about his choice for president, believes there is a need for change in this country and spoke openly about his thoughts on the matter.

Here’s what he had to say.

NCD: We just had a presidential election a couple of days ago.

Ronnie Dunn: “So I heard, is that what that was?”

How do you feel about the outcome?

“I’m like everyone else. It’s like, when it comes to politics, as outspoken as I am, I think for the last few elections I’ve caught myself voting and making a decision out of default. You know? I never feel like, ‘Hey, there’s the one candidate that I’m just crazy about.’

“They’re always blatantly telling you exactly what they think you want to hear to get your vote, obviously. Who knows what their real agenda is? Who knows what any of their real agendas are once they get through the White House doors, so it’s tough. With regards with what’s going on right now, what just happened, I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to have somethings disrupted right now. Change never comes without a little bit of pain and effort and I think that we’re probably set for that to happen.

“I think a lot of it was going to happen anyway. Things like the economy—they’re not in control of that. They can influence it. You know the other night, I’m watching all the networks, just scanning from one to the other, and they’re talking at the latter part of the process, saying the economy had already, the future’s had dropped 800 points and the peso is crashing and Republicans have all bailed on Trump and all this stuff. Today, it’s at an all-time high. Every single thing they ran up the flagpole in the media, including very professional polls, were absolutely debunked.”

How did the media get it so wrong?

“I’m sure they’re asking that question, you know? I think in today’s world we get so caught up in the access to information and we start putting it all together and thinking that we have things figured out. There’s an old famous saying in business that ‘research is great, as long as it’s your research.’ Some of that applies. What happened with Trump was he just stepped up to the mic and said things that resonated with the populous and the majority of people in this country. I don’t think it’s all the ‘Bubba Faction’ or the ‘deplorables,’ as Hillary called it. It’s going to be interesting.”

What do you want to see from President Trump?

“I think there’s two things that if he can do in his first four years, he could walk out and go home and say ‘I pulled it off.’ That’s to get the Supreme Court set out and balanced like it needs to be for the good of America, whatever that is, and deal with healthcare. At least get healthcare on some kind of right track. That’s going to be the big challenge. That requires a cultural upheaval.”

We can honestly say that we have no idea what’s going to happen.

“We may end up thinking he’s one of the better presidents to ever happen. You never know. We’ve had guys step up there who we thought were, they were it. They were going to lead us to the promise land, and nothing. I love what Obama said. I think it was yesterday. He said, ‘No matter who steps into this office, once you walk through the door you realize that it’s bigger than you are.’ We sit back as a population in this country as most people do, and think, ‘Uh, hey, these guys make all the choices and they lead us down the path.’ In reality, that’s not the case. We do. As long as we remember that, and we stay united, we’re okay. The danger right now, in a lot of ways as you well know, is that certain entities, and I blame the media as much as anything, stir it up.”

Lisa Konicki via Country Nash | Photo:  Nash Icon Records

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