Rory Feek began to bawl when he received a message from Joey, what she said to him is chilling…

It has been a few months since Joey passed away, but I still think about her everyday. Her spirit lives on with her family, her music, and her faith. She is sitting God looking down on her little Indiana as she goes through school.

The family is truly blessed despite the terrible tragedy that they suffered. Rory has stayed strong, but recently Joey spoke to him. She spoke to him in the most amazing way possible.

Doctors have been saying that it may be impossible for Indiana to ever speak. She has been communicating with her hands for the majority of her life. Well, the family got a surprise.

Indiana said DADA. That is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. Indiana was not even supposed to speak until she was 10, and now she did it at 2 years old. She said dada because Joey made a huge sacrifice while she was sick.

Joey made sure that Indiana spent as much time as she could with her father. She did not want Indiana to gain an attachment to her since she was going to be gone very soon. Joey had to pass her child over to her husband just so her child would form a special bond with her father.

Joey succeeded and hearing Indy say Dada was the most special gift Joey could have given Rory. Do you miss Joey? | Photo: Tasteofcountry

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