Rory Feek Just Broke Silence After Joey’s Death, God Bless This Man

Rory Feek Just Broke Silence After Joey’s Death, God Bless This ManImmediately after Joey passed, her husband Rory and the rest of the family packed up their belongings in Indiana and headed on back to their farm in Tennessee. It wasn’t until then that Rory finally updated us all on how he and the family were doing.

The Feek family is now doing what they prayed they’d never have to do, adjusting to their new life without Rory’s beloved bride. To make things even harder, it’s spring time which happened to be Joey’s favorite season. As we saw in his blog a few weeks back, Joey was busy preparing for the spring to come knowing that she probably was not going to be around.

Rory posted a few posts this past weekend of the farm and how things were going there during their adjustment. His captions are simple yet completely heart shattering.

“Making plans that I hoped we’d need have to make.”

Rory shared this photo of him and the only person who is bringing joy during this sad time, his beautiful baby girl Indiana, with the simple caption: “home.”

It’s amazing to me just how courageous the Feeks are and have been. They still manage to teach us how to react to crisis in a way that is gracious and most definitely pleasing to God. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with the Feeks!

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