Sharon Osbourne to spill about Ozzy’s cheating on ‘The View’

 Sharon Osbourne is finally ready to spill all the details about her marriage woes. Sharon, 63, has decided that it will help to cope if she shares how she feels about her husband Ozzy, 67, and about the cheating rumors that have rocked the couple’s 33-year marriage. According to Hollywood Life, Sharon wants to “let her emotions out” and has found the perfect venue for doing it.

It’s over for Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, after more than 33 years of marriage.

— E! News (@enews) May 8, 2016

 Sharon is in talks with producers at The Talk, and they “are already talking about addressing the marriage woes” as the main focus of her appearance on the show. If she goes ahead with the plan, it looks like it will be juicy enough to make the ratings soar.

Osbourne is working out how much of her life she’s willing to reveal now that she’s been invited to use The Talk to “air her dirty linen in public.” It looks certain that she’s going to have a lot to say. When Sharon has been a guest on The Talk in the past, she’s talked freely about life with Ozzy and there’s no reason to think that would change.

“She’s not been shy in the past to talk about her personal life on the show, and it would be a huge ratings winner if she was to reveal all.”

All the inside dirt on Ozzy’s cheating ways would be more than huge! But it’s too soon for fans to save the date and plan to take the night off to watch Sharon on The Talk. The source is concerned that Sharon may yet change her mind about revealing too much. She’s angry right now and probably thinks it would feel great to tell fans exactly what she thinks of Ozzy, but once she has some time to cool off, she might feel differently.

“But it’s all still quite a little fresh for her, and she may even cancel her appearance on the next episode.”

It’s hard to say at this point what is likely to happen. Another source spoke with Hollywood Life, and this insider had a completely different take on the Osbournes’ attitude. The person said that Sharon is so unhappy with the cheating mess and the ongoing problems with Ozzy that she’s “very thankful” to have a show like The Talk “at her disposal.”

“Sharon is an open book and will talk about the rumors on The Talk. She is looking to get it over with and talk about it when they get back on air.”

Sharon knows she can trust producers and staff on The Talk, and according to the insider, the show will make sure she has “all the time she needs” and an unrestricted, “open forum” to say exactly what she wants to say.

Rumors about Ozzy’s cheating seem to have been an ongoing problem for the Osbournes. It’s only a few weeks since Sharon actually revealed the incredible story of catching “Ozzy in bed with their kids’ nannies.”

This time around, the cheating stories center around Ozzy’s hairstylist, “blonde beauty Michelle Pugh.” The Daily Mail reported on the story that the Sun first broke about Sharon kicking Ozzy “out of their $10 million Beverly Hills home.”

“Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair.”

According to the story in the Sun, Sharon had been suspicious “for some time,” but she finally had some proof that Ozzy was cheating, and that’s when she blew up at her rock star husband.

What do you think Sharon should do? Should she talk about the Osbourne household’s personal stuff on The Talk?

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