Sheriff responds to video appearing to show officers stand by as 3 girls drown

The Sheriff for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on social media today defending his officers. Read the comment and watch the video below.

Unfortunately, some people are irresponsibly and falsely posting on Facebook that deputies did not attempt to rescue the 3 girls who tragically drowned while fleeing from the police in a stolen car a few weeks ago.

The sheriff stated at the time that deputies removed their gunbelts and clothes and tried to enter the water to rescue the girls, but the conditions in the water prevented them from doing so. This is exactly what happened, and we stand by that.

All video regarding the incident has been released, including the below clip that shows deputies who had taken off their duty gear in an effort to rescue the girls. The other video being shown omits this part that shows deputies who had entered the water in their effort to rescue the girls.

We are posting this clip with the hope that the false narrative being spread about this incident stops.


Pinellas Sheriff via Youtube | Photo: ABC News

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