Stand Down Obama! CIA prepping for possible cyber strike against Russia


We are calling on the Obama administration to stand the fu## down. YOU are in a country UNINVITED.  

Do you understand what this means Obama??  You are in Syria, supporting ISIS with all kinds of chemical weapons, money, logistics, armor and direct overhead support from the air.  There are many images of little babies and children who where killed because YOU Obama supplied ISIS the chemical weapons to do this.

YES Obama, ISIS uses chemical weapons EVERY DAY and you know this. like many of us do. 

This is the same ISIS that you used to absolutely terrify many people in the United Stated and around the globe.  YOU Obama are the one directly responsible for the massive influx of refugees into Europe.

YOU Obama are directly responsible for the RAPE, SEXUAL ASSAULTS and MURDER that are being cast upon the European population by these new immigrants.  You are the reason why millions of people are HOMELESS right now in Europe creating thousands of other problems.  Shame on your disgusting administration and your awful overthrow policies!

You have killed so many people DIRECTLY because of your meddling in Libya, Iraq, Syria and other places.  STOP YOUR OVERTHROW POLICY. You have NO right to even be in Syria.  You Obama are an occupier of Syria.

Russia is NOT our enemy like the western (Mostly Corrupt) media would like you to believe and we all know the media lies lies lies…Russia is against the New World Order and is standing up to them!  We need to support this.  We do NOT want nuclear war, you corrupt liberal bastards.

YOU Obama should be put on trial for war crimes.  This Obama/Clinton tag team is going to destroy the world.  We must VOTE on November 8th to stop this band of criminals. ~ Dusty Fields SMM…Make sure you follow me on Twitter.

Dusty Fields

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