Syrian refugee ‘mother’ hits Canadian boy with a brick (VIDEO)

The Rebel’s Faith Goldy investigates an assault on a Canadian family by Syrian migrants. This video below depicts EXACTLY what the globalists want, hidden under the umbrella of helping refugees.

The Muslim migration is not about helping people at all. The globalist agenda is to pit Muslim vs Christians  all over the western world to cause chaos, violence, assaults and murder. This is the sinister reason western countries are being flooded with MUSLIM MIGRANTS.

This EVIL plan has been rejected by Poland, Hungary and the Czechs. a huge KUDO’s go to all three of those countries for standing up to the globalist’s agenda to usher in their New World Order.

Poland’s Prime Minister launched a scathing rebuke of the globalists and their devious plan. You may see the video directly below.

Vladimir Putin has also told humanity that he will fight and destroy the NWO.  This is another reason why the globalists want the average American or Canadian to hate Russia. Russia is NOT the enemy but the globalists that have hijacked the western system are the enemy. The media they control to program us with lies, is the enemy. Russia surely is not. 

These are people like the Rothschilds, George Soros and others.  Say NO to open borders. Say NO to the New World Order.

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