The connection between not for profit organizations and ‘arm chair experts’

For all of the “arm chair experts” in non profit management, and running an animal shelter, please note something next time you trash a pound or shelter for what they charge for their pull fees.
Via Betty Jean Matthews
Via Betty Jean Matthews

Non profit means whatever “profit” is made goes back into the organization. No shareholders are waiting for a dividend payment It makes sure those pockets of extra monies are put back into something the organization needs to keep operating and fulfilling their mission and mandate or sits in a reserve fund for a monitored period of time until they are needed to fulfill the mission.

Non profit DOES NOT mean LOSING THEIR SHIRT or running at a loss on purpose.Yet we so often hear people (the experts and critics) state that it is not only admiral to do so but expected to do so. To run at a loss. To charge less then what it costs. Anything other than that, and the organization is scuzzy or a scam.

How on earth these critics think that an organization can charge less than what it costs the business to invest in the animal is beyond me. As if for the shelter to actually make money is some sort of crime or sin. How do these experts expect them to stay open?

Do they honestly think that donations are going to keep them going? Are you kidding me? Have you seen how hard it is for ANY charity or non profit organization to receive regular and adequate donations? A organization will spend as much if not more time trying to raise funds to fulfill the mission as they do actually fulfilling the mission.

When a person starts complaining to me about how a shelter is “making so much money off of these poor animals”, the first thing that comes to my mind is:

1) I bet you don’t have a good handle on your on finances in life because if you did you would realize that you had to make enough money to pay your bills. If you provided a service, worked your shift, etc you would expect to be paid accordingly. You would not walk out of the office or factory, look back at the boss and say ‘hey man, that is ok, it is on me. Would not want you to think I made some money today”. If you didn’t make money that day, where was that money going to come from? The tree out in the background?

2) You don’t know anything about business do you? Or if you did, you would not even let a criticism like that fly out of your mouth. Not if you ever wanted to land a job anywhere as a manager or at best, keep it.

3) What will you do when you no longer live in Mom’s and Dad’s basement or have a family member, spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend to pay your way? When you so confidently answer 1) in my list and say ” I have a handle on my finances”, you might want to rephrase that. You might want to say ” I have a handle on my finances. It is called I have no bills in my name that I am bound to. Someone else worries about that.” To be honest, you are smarter than a lot of us that are out their slugging and have more month at the end of the money AND all of the bills in our name and not someone else’s name to worry about.

We, who are in that predicament, could learn a thing or two from you.

Unlike you, the shelter does not have a financial sponsor 24/7 while they contemplate life and how everyone else should live theirs.

If at some point in your life you have to actually be 100% financially responsible for yourself, no fall back, no system, you might find yourself in the same spot as the shelter; broke and trying to figure out how to survive and hopefully make a positive contribution to something, someone or in society. Maybe then you might have a different perspective of what they go through. The critic who now struggles while worrying about helping someone or something else. The shelters are cleaning up the mess of irresponsible pet owners or at least trying to do that amongst the bashing and trashing of the wise in the animal welfare world.

If and when this happens to you, we can all sit back in aww and wonder how you masterfully and skillfully put to work all of the advice you gave them and they so miserably failed and disappointed you.

The shelters and non profit organizations can all anxiously wait for the day for you to be their mentor and they, your grasshoppers.

Just something to think about next time you hear someone running down or running off at the mouth that these shelters should be doing more and charging less for what they do.

Without these shelters, even when limping along the way they do, the animals that enter their doors each year would never even have 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months of a chance to survive and find a home. They would suffer and die in the streets or at the hands of cruel people while these critics stand back and count the pennies that they saved from donating to them, even though lets face it, they were never going to donate in the first place,

It is always the critics and so called experts that I have found to have so much judging to offer and little or no real help to give.

Betty Jean Matthews Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue
Betty Jean Matthews
Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue

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