The legendary duo unveils what fans everywhere have been waiting for

Brooks & Dunn are considered to be one of the greatest country music duos of all time. Their music has graced people’s speakers for years and years, but then the group decided to split up in 2010. This came as a shock to all of their loyal fans that expected to see them live year after year. It took a special phone call from a country legend to change the duos mind. That phone call came from Merle Haggard. He told the duo that they had a special thing going and to quit is a shame.

Merle did not say that he wanted them to get back together but he heavily suggested it. The two eventually listened to Merle’s advice and made a huge announcement that shocked fans everywhere. They have been performing with Reba for a while now, but they just recently announced an even bigger concert. After performing in Vegas for a while they have decided to play at Lakeshake.

Lakeshake is a giant country music festival in Chicago on June 18th and 19th. The duo will be one of the main headliners. When Brooks & Dunn announced they’d be getting back together, Dunn took to facebook. He listed 5 points as to why you need a partner in life. The points were: you can’t make it alone, be the best you can be, learn how to get along with others, but make sure you have an opinion, fulfill your goals and vision and get it right for yourself, introverts need extroverts. All of these points are amazing. Are you a fan of Brooks & Dunn?

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