The manipulation continues. Hillary’s staff passes out FAKE support signs (VIDEO)


The manipulation continues. From the Democratic National Committee screwing their own in Bernie Sanders to the mainstream media bold face lying to all of us to protect a criminal in the likes of Hillary Clinton.

This is the fabric of the Democratic National Party. It does not matter what situation arises, their first instinct will be to cheat, lie and manipulate to deceive. This is the FIRST reaction. This is WHO THEY ARE. Think about this.

When every situation arises, they instinctually look at how to manipulate it.

Do you really want your morals and standards to be supporting this repugnant behavior?

Hell NO!

Do you know that Obama has allowed the American public to be terrified by ISIS while at the same time is the one making sure they are fully armed, supported and protected ? Just ask Russia about how Obama is providing air cover for them. Obama is desperate to keep them alive so he can continue on the path of resource stealing.

What the f$#k is Obama even doing meddling in Syria’s affairs??  They have NO RIGHT to be on Syrian land in the first place.

This is all about an oil and natural gas pipeline that they would like to build through to Europe and their plan happens to take it right through Syria! This is why the Obama administration is invading Syria and trying to overthrow Assad in the first place. 

Do you know that NATO was used to provide cover for ISIS in Libya?

I sure as hell do NOT want my country supporting dirtbag terrorists around the world so they can overthrow a government and STEAL their resources. This meddling MUST STOP!

Listen, all of this will continue with Hillary Clinton and in fact, it will accelerate.

Donald J. Trump will stop this. It will end. No more meddling in the affairs of other countries. He has stated this policy will END.

We wonder why the majority of people around the globe hates America. This is why people!! We have corrupt leaders trying to overthrow governments to steal resources while at the SAME TIME are lying to us!!  NOW is the time to wake the f##k up and stop this before it is too late.

Do we want world war 3 with Russia?  Hillary sure as hell does. 

Dusty Fields SMM

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