The Muslim invasion is set for America and here is what you can do to stop it

The Muslim invasion into the EU was a planned event rising on the back of the war in Syria.  The push of migrants from this war-torn area is a devious plan of the globalist forces in the world who want to completely destroy countries so they can go in and profit. In the case of Syria, build a gas and oil pipeline. The rewards are several for the globalists in Syria. 

People like ‘George Soros’ is behind the funding of many of these groups within the countries causing chaos and destruction with the ultimate goal over Government overthrow so they can have total control. This is what is planned for America with the first stop, the EU.

This is the same plan for America. We must stop the migrant invasion at all costs.

WE MUST SUE when we know a mosque is going to be constructed in our neighborhoods. We now know the Quran teaches Muslims to kill ALL who do not believe.

Many points in this book tell those who believe to KILL anyone who does not. This is just one example of why it is NOT SAFE to have Islam in our neighborhoods. The Quran is a book a pure hate and evil. Christianity and Islam do mix and our beliefs are beyond different.

Muhammad was a pedophile who took a bride of 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9.  This a pedophile in the western world no matter how you look at it. Muslim men have no respect for any woman and think they are superior. There is NO equality in Islam. None. If you’re a woman, you’re inferior in the eyes of a Muslim man.

We have western feminists defending Muslims. How ironic is that?  We need to TAKE BACK AMERICA from the hijackers ALREADY within. Watch the video above. This is the face of Sweden now. Make sure you share this to make others aware. Our country really does depend on it. Thank you to Jack Posobiec for the video ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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