This man is an angel. Look how he helps to prevent suicide

Don Ritchie is an Australian man that lives across the street from a cliff called The Gap. He has lived there for more than 50 years and loves the beautiful view, but The Gap is also the place where many Australians commit suicide.

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Ritchie will do whatever it takes to prevent people from taking their lives. During the time he has lived at this place at the Sydney Harbor, he has saved an estimate of 400 people who were about to commit suicide.

He doesn’t call the police or do anything else other than smile and ask them a simple question: “Why don’t you come and have a cup of tea?” If they accept the invitation, his wife will also cook them a meal. Don walks around the cliff every morning trying to find these people in need.

Ritchie would feel bad if he didn’t do anything for them. “You can’t just sit there and watch them,” he told CBS in a recent interview. “You gotta try and save them. It’s pretty simple,” said Ritchie.

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Dianne Gaddin, a woman whose daughter committed suicide at The Gap is grateful with Ritchie for having talked with her daughter, even if he wasn’t able to convince her not to do it. “He’s an angel, most people would be too afraid to do anything and would probably sooner turn away and run away. But he had the courage and the charisma and the care and the magnetism to reach people who were coming to the end of their tether,” said Gaddin.

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