Tiny Koala who lost his mom gets stronger in cozy blankets

This is Balou.
We may never know why his mom left him behind, but we do know that he’s lucky to be alive.

“I’ve lived in close presence of koalas for twenty years,” Betty Blue, a resident of Rosebank, Australia, wrote on Facebook, describing how she came to find Balou. “The mother had been around for a few days, so when we first heard the little meeping we thought nothing of it, but the next night I decided to investigate and was quite surprised to find him on the ground, no mom in sight.”

Blue contacted people who could help little Balou survive. Wildlife caretakers from Friends of the Koala, a nursery and care center in New South Wales, Australia, arrived at the Blue residence to bring Balou to his new foster home, where he’ll gain his strength for the next six to eight months. Cold and hungry, the little Koala didn’t even weigh a whole pound.
Koalas need to develop a special digestive bacteria in order to eat eucalyptus leaves, which are toxic without it. A video captures Balou having his first taste of “fecal pap.”
Friends of the Koala, Inc. helps about 300 koalas per year.
Sarah V. Schweig via The Dodo
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