Toronto Star puts out FAKE NEWS on #PizzaGate

So, the Toronto Star has posted a fake article which we have linked to HERE. We will not post it here because they will claim copyright violation almost immediately. To hell with the Toronto Star. 

These claims that PizzaGate is fake news are FALSE. Toronto star is continuing the trend of the mainstream media lying and manipulating the people. Here, we have the Toronto Star that is helping to perpetuate the FAKE NEWS that the Washington post has put out. 

The fake news is put out by the mainstream media to control and manipulate the masses.

The Toronto Star article today is made up of complete lies. This person in Belleville may have dug stuff up on PizzaGate, like thousands of other people, but this does not mean they are spreading lies. In fact, Toronto Star, you are.

People all over the globe are investigating PizzaGate on their own and they are coming up with the facts. There is TON of evidence to suggest that this is a HUGE CHILD PEDOPHILIA ring in Washington DC that spans the globe. 

Leaked emails confirm codewords for pedophilia and human trafficking. The network goes much deeper and is worldwide. It is full of globalist, Zionist, Jesuits, Freemasons, governments, royal families, and billionaires etc. They are involved in satanic rituals, sacrifices, cannibalism, blood drinking, pedophilia, child porn, fake orphanages, kidnappings, and more.

Do not let them con you into thinking that PizzaGate is not real. It is VERY real.

2016 was the year that EVERYONE found out that CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS and many other mainstream news sources can’t be trust. I would like to add, the TORONTO STAR also manipulates and LIES to their audience. We can’t trust what they report to us on the TV or in the print media. The scam is over.

Here are some PizzaGate videos that you may find interesting. I would invite you to do your own investigation, if you have the stomach for it. It is DISGUSTING. Yes disgusting, and very real. 

The first link is from the Australian TV show ’60 Minutes’.  They would NOT show this on the American version of ’60 Minutes’. This is related to Comet Ping Pong/Comet Pizza. 









Maybe it could be a good thing that the Toronto Star has posted about this. Maybe we can get more people looking into #PizzaGate. Here is another link that will help you in finding the truth.

Twitter and Reddit are actively censoring this to keep it quiet. It goes to the top in the Government. Make sure you share this to everyone you can! Follow me on My name there is Dusty Fields. 

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