Vote as if your life depends on it


Don’t we all put up barriers to protect ourselves from being hurt emotionally or physically?  We all do it to some degree.  And not everyone is in our inner circle.  Family and close friends are in our inner circle, and then neighbours and acquaintances are in our outer circle, and further out are the people that assist us daily at the grocery store, hospital, or other service facility.

And don’t we all protect ourselves, to the best of our abilities, from getting hurt?  We wear protective clothing, safety shoes, goggles, sunglasses and wash our hands to save ourselves from germs.

And don’t we put up fences in our yards to protect our children and our pets from wandering off and possibly getting hurt?  If there were lions in our backyard we would definitely build a fence to keep them out and to protect ourselves.  To protect ourselves is instinctive, responsible, and necessary for our survival.

At all levels of our being we endeavour to protect ourselves, from the emotional core of our individual human being to those we care for in our lives.

Don't we all build borders?

And just because we don’t allow everyone in our inner circle, doesn’t mean that we don’t treat everyone with respect.

It is okay to build walls to protect ourselves.  We are good people and we can’t allow ourselves to be overun by those that do not have our best interests at heart.  And to keep them out, we might just have to build that wall.

On Novemer 8th vote for Donald Trump.  Vote as if your life depends on it.

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