VOTER FRAUD – This is how easy YOUR vote is stolen (VIDEO)


We have witnessed some very dirty and unbelievable tactics used by the DNC. They turned on their own member and completely screwed Bernie Sanders. Here is a man who had a great chance of winning his party nomination but that was completely destroyed by his very own people!

We have seen the fake polls that say Hillary is winning by about 10 points. This is total fabrication. Donald Trump is winning this race if you seek out the truth. The mainstream media is also participating in this deplorable behavior of deception. 

Why would anyone think this election would be fair after what we’ve seen in the last few months?  You must watch this video as this demonstrates exactly how easy it is to have YOUR vote stolen. Let’s not have a repeat of California where I think Bernie Sanders was robbed.

We need to make sure this election is honest and fair. Please comment and share below. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

Video: Scott Hunt via Youtube | Photo:

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