WARNING to all Republicans – Your votes WILL BE stolen this November warns ANONYMOUS


More and more people are becoming concerned that the stage has been set and the fix is in for election fraud to steal the upcoming election and award it to Hillary Clinton. Obama isn’t acting like someone who recognizes he might lose this November and there appears to be more than just his typical arrogance at play.

The Democrat candidate is a career criminal with failing health and yet the polls show her rising and the man of the people slumping. His crowds dwarf hers, easily drawing ten times the number of enthusiastic supporters to her bussed in union members. Corrupting the polls is part of the process of stealing the election, a fact that Anonymous has picked up on as well.

Anonymous has a message for the Trump campaign, a warning of election fraud that is already underway. The spokesman says, “The fake polls are setting up a Hillary Clinton win by electronic vote machine hacking. The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote.” He implores the American people, “Don’t let this be the greatest vote theft of all time.”

“The fake polls are framing Hillary’s win as a plausible outcome,” he warns, “while the electronic voting machines were made to be hacked, and oh they will be. You think the global elite will allow a loss of power? We doubt it. Hillary will win unless adequate counter measures are activated to mitigate the vote hacking.”


He says, “Here is one way Trump can prevent the greatest election theft of all time. One way is to send a team of two exit pollers, one statistician and one attorney, to each precinct in the swing state districts where it will be stolen; Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, etc, the swing states. When shenanigans are identified, and there will be many, the team needs to activate an official complaint and go file on the same day.

Don’t wait, that’s what they want is a delay while the election gets certified in the background.

“It has to be a legal complaint that brings the cops in and maybe the government, “he says. “The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote. It’s common knowledge the electronic voting machines can be hacked to flip the vote from one candidate to another.”

He points out, “The current polls show Hillary as gaining and Trump slumping are in reality reversed. This is a setup, all laying the foundation for flipping Hillary’s horrendous popularity with Trump’s huge popularity. So when they flip the votes in the swing states districts to squeak it out for Hillary, she’d begrudgingly go along with the result and the evil guys win.”

He says, “Just look at Hillary’s crowds and Trump’s crowds and the recent polling sequence since the beginning of the year and it’s easy to see that as Trump’s crowds get bigger and Hillary’s smaller, the polls reflect Hillary’s lead inching forward and Trump’s polling slumping.”

Anonymous says, “It’s clear the globalists’ media is prepping for the vote flip in those key swing states district precincts. Trump’s team needs to identity those precincts and those districts in those swing states that the globalists are targeting for the vote flip. They have the calculation of which little precincts they will send in agents to flip the vote of the electronic voting machine with a cell phone. Be alert of this move.”

“Someone get word to the Trump team,” says Anonymous. “This is the only way he can win. Anonymous and the collective will be monitoring. What will we be monitoring? Well, that, we cannot tell you. Operations Voter Fraud will engage November 8th.”


What we do know is the democratic party will stop at NOTHING to win. We have witnessed this with the fake polls from CNN, crowd manipulation photos, constant lies and we have all read the awful leaked emails. They have screwed their own in Bernie Sanders and cost his supporters MILLIONS!!!! This all demonstrates a very bad pattern. Who is the hell would ever support this by rewarding them the Presidency? Criminal behavior should NOT BE REWARDED. Make sure you share this with everyone you know and follow me on Twitter.  Dusty SMM. ~ oh, and support Anonymous ~

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