Watch this guy on Twitter fall in love with playoff hockey – This is Hilarious!

For most of us up here in Canada, watching hockey comes second nature. Even your friends who don’t watch that much can sit down for a playoff game and fully understand what’s going on and which storylines to follow. If you’re a baseball fan in St. Louis looking for the Cardinals game, however, hockey could be quite a foreign thing to you.

This guy got so captured by the Blues / Blackhawks game he stumbled upon that he stopped looking for baseball and watched the entire game! Best part about it all is that it was live tweeted in hilarious fashion. Here it is from beginning to end, enjoy.

(Warning: Some of these tweets are NSFW)

And then when it was all said and done and the St. Louis Blues got wind of his hilarious experience, they decided to invite him to a game.

TSN | (H/T Kaden Wisniowski via Buzzfeed)

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