We Were Raised By Bette Crocker and Taught by the Burning Bra

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I received three requests to talk about my book that I am writing. The book is entitled,  We Were Raised by Bette Crocker and Taught by the Burning Bra.

These requests for more information were from women. So let me give you some insight on what this book is about:

1)  It is written by a person (myself) who was a young girl living through a time when women were really coming to the forefront of their own identity, their sexuality, their role in society as an equal to men and how this all worked for or against them when their biggest female role model (their mother) was of the more traditional mindset and felt that the “old ways” where the male was in control and command of family, roles at work and society in general, were much more fitting and appropriate.

2) How this “conflict” in perspectives raged havoc at times in how this young girl’s reality of these topics came to the forefront when she became an adult.10012535_10153785953982889_2762264607526888455_n

3) How this conflict could have perhaps contributed to her unrealistic expectations and or view on how the male would be in a relationship with her, how he viewed her independence, her reality and ultimately her identity in the role as wife, mother, and most important as a person.

4) Finally how that journey from fallen hopes, dreams, and heartache was and continues to be turned around for the good in herself and for those around her.

Of course not everyone growing up in the same era as myself, had these challenges. Many people who I grew up with, who were and still are friends of mine, have had very good relationships with the males in their life.

This is a not a “one size fits all” theory. It is simply one person’s (mine) perspective of what I have struggled with, my failures and my triumphs in my journey dealing with the opposite sex in my family life, work life and overall personal development.

I wanted to write this book because I thought that maybe there is another female out there that could relate and/or maybe learn from my story.

This book is not only for women. For men, it also talks about the inner turmoil these conflict of ideas and concepts made for them as they struggled with feminism and what their traditional, conservative male role models (their father) told them how life is supposed to run. It is a compassionate perspective as to what perhaps, unfair expectations were put on them, with little credit given to what conflict and confusion they were working through at the same time.

If all goes well the book will be completed in the Summer of 2016.

Betty Jean Matthews, Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian
Betty Jean Matthews,
Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian

Betty Jean Matthews pens under the Nom de Plume, Blunt Betty.  She is the CEO and Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue and is constantly and compassionately lending her voice and time to other community charities with hopes of making a difference.  Betty Jean is also a guest contributor for Social Media Morning where Blunt Betty will tell you exactly what’s on her mind. 

You may email Betty Jean by clicking here: Blunt Betty

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