Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan – The perfect example of Muslim immigrant non assimilation

Assimilation is natural. Non-assimilation is deliberate. These people do not want to become an American citizen. They teach them in the mosques not to assimilate. Why do we want them here if they will not adapt to our laws and culture? America is a CHRISTIAN nation and the leftists will NOT change this.

They want to bring THEIR laws and culture to America and coerce them on us. No thank you. We DO NOT WANT this in America.

Dennis Michael Lynch via Youtube | Photo: thedailybeast.com

We do not want this. We must stop the muslim migration to America until better vetting is in place. Muslims want to kill christians and many of these people want to kill anyone who isn’t a Muslim. Most hate us. Like and share this if you agree that we DO NOT WANT THIS in America and also follow me on Twitter ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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