What a coincidence: 4 women accuse Trump of sexual assault on the same day


Just days after NBC leaked audio they were sitting on for 11 years in which Donald Trump said derogatory things about women, a whole mess of women are accusing the GOP candidate of sexual assault. It must be a weird coincidence that 4 women suddenly remembered that Trump had groped them years and even decades ago. It must also be a weird twist of fate that these unfounded allegations came out weeks before the election.

There are a variety of sources here, but Time Magazine was nice enough to compile all of these bullshit claims into a single coordinated attack.

First up is 74-year-old Jessica Leeds (pictured) who claims Trump groped her breasts and put his hand up her skirt on a commercial airplane more than 35 years ago. Amazingly enough, none of the other passengers or airline staff noticed this and she didn’t mention it until this week. Another amazing fact is that Leeds is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor.

Next, there is Rachel Crooks who says that when she worked as a receptionist for a real estate group in 2005, Trump grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth. Again, nobody else saw this and Crooks chose to repress this memory for 11 years. Coincidentally enough, this woman is also a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Also in 2005, People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff alleges that Trump lured her into a room at his Mar-a-Lago estate and forced his tongue down her throat. She too kept this secret for 11 long years.

Finally, 36-year old Mindy McGillivray says that Trump groped her asshole (how do you even do that?) at a Ray Charles concert in 2003.

All of these stories have a common thread: there were no witnesses or any evidence whatsoever to back them up. Also, these women sat on their allegations against Trump for quite some time, conveniently going public at nearly the same time.

There is another thing that ties these allegations together. All of these stories have elements related to the Trump “locker room talk” audio that NBC leaked last week. In that recorded conversation Trump bragged that he liked to forcibly kiss women. He also said he could grab women “by the pussy.” See any similarities?

Leeds claimed that Trump tried to grab her by the pussy, while McGillivray switched up saying he grabbed her by the butthole. Both Stoynoff and Crooks claim that Trump grabbed them and forcibly kissed them. What are the chances that days after the audio was released those four women would come up with stories identical to what Trump was boasting about?

The chances are actually zero. This is a coordinated attack by the corporate media on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Hillary has a very cozy relationship with the mainstream liberal media. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the connection here.

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