What should I tell my kids now that Donald Trump is President?

It seems that some parents are faced with the decision to discuss the presidential election with their kids or not. Now that Donald Trump has been chosen as the next president of the United States, the left is having a very hard time accepting this fact. 

Is this not the same party that was trying to force Donald Trump into saying he would concede the election if he lost?

Why yes, yes it is. This is the same party that is rioting in the streets, burning property, vandalizing cars and attacking Trump supporters. This is the tolerant left. These are your Democrats. 

Let the world now see what the left is about. We can see it everywhere. 

What should you tell you kids?  You should tell them this year will be the end to the corruption in the White House. You should tell them they should be proud to stand up to the forces of evil. You should tell them they should be proud to live in a country where cheating, lying, stealing and killing will not be tolerated and will have consequences.

You should tell them looking up to a president like Donald Trump will demonstrate to them, with hard work,  they can be anything they want to be and this INCLUDES the President of the United States. It will demonstrate to them to never give up and always follow their dreams. 

You should tell them they now have a president that will not be bought off by special interest and will end the corruption. 

Hillary Clinton is NO role model for any young boy or girl. She is an example of what we DO NOT WANT our children to be like. A lying, cheating stealing and some would say, murderer. She is completely without any morals.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is anti-police, anti-patriotism, anti religion and anti-god. 

Any parent that is disappointed Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency is exposing their very clear lack of morals themselves or their ignorance. 

We have seen proof and more proof of this Clinton crime syndicate in action for the last year. This is someone who should BE IN JAIL! She should not even have been allowed to run for President. That fact in itself is an example of corrupt democracy in the spotlight.

If you think any child should look up to the likes of Hillary Clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself. 

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By voting Trump, you can now tell your kids, we stopped a satanist criminal that was going to destroy our country and we did good. Please share this to your audience and follow me on Twitter ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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