WHOA, Puddle of Mudd’s lead singer melted down on stage and it’s hard to watch…

Remember the band Puddle of Mudd? The hard rock outfit had a few hits in the early aughts after Fred Durst coaxed the band into getting back together after a breakup. That being said, there’s absolutely no reason for you to remember Puddle of Mudd because that band is fucking terrible.

However, if you hear the name bandied about these days, it’s usually because of the drunken and drug-addled antics of its lead singer Wes Scantlin. These days, Scantlin is more famous for his constant arrests than for being a musician.

The latest chapter in his sad story involves an onstage meltdown at a sold out gig at the 500-person capacity The Diamond Live Lounge, England last Thursday. The fact that Scantlin had a freakout that caused his band members to walk off stage, and according to Rock Feed, quit the band entirely, is the most believable part of the story.

The fact that 500 people paid money to see Puddle of Mudd in 2016 and then were surprised when Scantlin behaved like a sad mess is the part that’s hard to grasp.

“It was an absolute shambles,” one audience member told Doncaster Free Press. “He was walking on and off stage and was talking about being high on crack cocaine.”

Yeah, have you ever done a YouTube search for Scantlin’s onstage behavior? It’s not pretty.

Hopefully this guy cleans up his act before he heads into Scott Weiland territory.

[Doncaster Free Press | Video: mrmahoosive]

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