Why this woman will be voting for Donald Trump – You must read this!

Statistically speaking, I should not even be writing this article. According to the media, and most liberal sources, women don’t like Trump. Who am I? Well, for starters, I’m a woman, a single mother and a Republican. I’m a Christian, I’m pro gun and anti abortion. I’m also voting for Trump. Who would have guessed it?
How did I come to this point in my life? Well, I actually voted for Obama during his first term. I believed the rhetoric. I wanted so badly to believe that Obama was going to bring change, to unite us as a country. He was persuasive, charming, and believable to the younger version of myself.
So, I have to ask myself, who are the people that follow Trump? Most liberals believe we’re racist, uneducated rednecks. But, rewind a second I’ve voted for Obama, so how could I be racist? The answer is simple, I’m not.
So, who are these deplorables? These Americans who are irredeemable, according to Hillary Clinton? The answer to that wasn’t so simple  You see, I have thousands of followers on social media and I’ve asked them questions. I’ve asked them what’s important to them? Why are they so passionate? What makes them tick?
These deplorables are patriots of the old America. The America that once was. When we fought for our liberty, for the constitution, against injustice and tyranny. Trump says he will make America great again. We need to go back to what was good. When we weren’t afraid to speak our minds without hurting someone’s feelings. When political correctness wasn’t so prevalent. Let’s be honest, sometimes some things need to be said for the greater good.

The answer to why are we so passionate is multi-layered. We’re tired of a government that is no longer for, by and of the people. We’re working class Americans who are jaded, we want our traditional values back. We love our country, and we want someone in office who loves it just as much as we do. Trump is that man.
We need to stop borrowing money from other countries, and we need to bring jobs back home. We need to stop the corruption in DC. Being a politician should be about helping people, not some get rich quick scheme. I thought about telling you all the awful things his rival Hillary Clinton has done. But, I don’t feel like I need to. It’s all out there if you’re looking, and your mind is open.
Wikileaks has shown us unbelievable things. It has brought to light the darkness and corruption of our government. Instead, I choose to tell you why you should vote for Trump. I want to tell you the kind of heart Trump has.  I want to show you why I believe God has chosen him as our next president. It doesn’t even matter anymore if you’re Republican or a Democrat.
Only the truth matters now. Trump represents hope, hope that our efforts will not be thwarted by big government. Trump is a collective middle finger to the establishment. We don’t want our country run by someone who is owned by other countries.
We do not want a marionette. Those who buy Trumps vision, like myself, have shown complete disgust for the immorality that currently taints our administration. When refugees get more money and better Healthcare than our own veterans, something has gone terribly wrong.
In closing, I do not believe that Trump followers are racist, or homophobic, or any other negative label that has been affixed. Rather, I believe we are a vast, diverse majority who wants to bring change, and remove the political correctness that seems to have consumed our nation. When the media is attacking Trump, and the government is trying so hard to conceal the truth behind Wikileaks, one has to ask themselves, why? What are they hiding?
The more they hate him, the more we love him. You see, its not about if you’re black or white, gay, straight or Christian. That’s what the media wants you to believe. We may not always agree, and will doubtless have differing opinions, but fundamentally we are one, and we are proudly deplorable.
We love our flag, our nation, our military and our police. Trump gets it. That’s why I believe he will win this election by a landslide, just like the great Ronald Reagan. ~ Brandy Jones, SocialMediaMorning.com 

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