Your Animal Birth Totem and Meanings

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Photo Credit esotericonline
Photo Credit esotericonline

If you talk to the animals

they will talk to you

and you will know each other.

If you do not talk to them,

you will not know them

you will fear.

What one fears one destroys.

~Chief Dan George~

Animal Birth Totems

Native American totem animals (i.e. Native American Astrology) are similar to the astrological Zodiac signs, except that they are based on Medicine Wheel principles and thus take into account the earth’s seasonal factors rather than celestial positioning. Totems, or animal symbols, are representations of specific qualities. As animals are predictable creatures, they make excellent symbols for human behavioral characteristics. The dogged persistence of the beaver and the mysterious intrigue of the snake are fitting representations of the various aspects of human nature. Unlike the constellations of the familiar Zodiac signs, animals and seasons possess qualities humans can identify with. From animals, we can learn more about ourselves.

December 22 begins what the Native Americans call the “Renewal Time” – it is the first period of the winter cycle, it is the time of the year when the wind is cold and piercing and the earth is barren. It is also considered the days of hope, as the light begins to linger longer after the solstice.

Take a look and see what yours brings you. 

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